Paws for a Photo 2018

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Year 1

Elara Rooom 7 PP
1.1 This octopus is so cute and they like to play hide and seek. And I would like the orange octopus toy. Can you see my octopus?
samahra yr 1
1.2 WINNER. This is my neighbour’s cute rescue dog Holly. She has pretty brown eyes, soft ears and a tail that looks like a mermaids tail. She also squeals when she’s excited. She’s my dog Millie’s best friend and we all like visiting her often. We hope you think she’s cute too.
Sophie Yr 1 Rm 5
1.3 The is Leo looking at the sky and the sky is looking back at him. He is enjoying a lovely day.
Talen Rm 5Cuddly Animal Party
1.4  HONOURABLE MENTION BY MRS IONASCU. This is a group of my favourite cuddly animals
Tara Rm 6
1.5 SECOND PLACE. I took this photo in Bali when we were on holidays. It is a cute squirrel. I feel happy when I look at it.
Tessa Rm 5 (2)
1.6 This is a Rainbow Lorikeet and it eats the figs and it likes them a lot. The fig tree lives in our back yard.
1.7 SUCH CUTENESS! My sister and I went to the cuddly animal farm. We love holding and feeding the guinea pigs. They make great pets.
pepi G yr1 rm5
1.8 Coco is my pet dog. She is wonderful and I love her so much. I took the photo on the couch in Melros. Coco has been using cute eyes just lately. She was just chilling there and I thought this picture would just be wonderful to share with you.
chloe rm8
1.9 This is my puppy Boris. He is a boxer. He turns two in June. He likes to dig holes, jump, chew on stuff and get into mischief. We walk him the park to run and play.


Esmae Yr 2
2.1 “I like the swans because they are pretty. They are one of my favourite animals. Ducks and crows are nice too but I like swans the best. I took this photo on Mothers Day when we went to the river for a picnic.”
Digital Camera
2.2  SECOND PLACE.  “In our garden, we have this frog. It’s our grandma and grandpa’s frog’s brother. I’m not sure what its name is but it is very cheeky.”
adira rm 4 yr2
2.3 WINNER.    ‘My cat Herbie’. Herbie loves reading my book about birds.
harry a rm 2 yr 2
2.4 HONOURABLE MENTION BY MRS IONASCU.  This is Maggie. She is very clever. She can touch her nose with her tongue. Her favourite things are food, digging and sleeping in her bed. I love Maggie.



Amelie Room 1 yr 3
3.1 We went on a holiday to Sunflowers Farmstay in Margaret River. I took this photo of “Chilli.”
amy de yr3
3.2 This is Meg. She was adopted. She is a DSH Domestic cat. She is striped grey and white. She likes to attack me on the leg.
jacob Rm 12 yr3
3.3  SECOND PLACE.       These are our birds, we have had them for nearly two years. The blue one is called George and the yellow one is called Henry. George is more cheekier than Henry!
Jessica room 11 yr4
3.4 Here are two Meerkats at the zoo on the lookout
JosephineG yr3
3.5 This is a Shingle Back Lizard in Kings Park.
juliette rm 1 yr 3
3.6  HONOURABLE MENTION BY MRS BOOTH.    The Paw-awesome Book Club. My dog Poppy is in the photo and so is my teddy called Doggy. Poppy was not easy to take a picture as she wriggles a lot but Doggy loves reading books with me every night. Poppy does not like bows but she wore it today because she loves me.
Scarlett rm11Tigerific yr3
3.7 This is one of the Tiger’s I saw when I visited the Perth Zoo.
Chloe D Room 11 yr3
3.8 This is my dog, George, he is 14 years old and really cute!
Charlie K Rm 12 yr3
3.9  WINNER.    I took the photo of the grasshopper 🦗 because it did not hop away and it stayed on our porch the whole night. I also took it because I like all the detail on his body and it had an awesome view and you could see how big the grasshopper is because of the bricks.
joss rm 11 yr 3
3.10  This is a crazy crab exploring the sand.



charlie c yr 4 Marvel photocomp
4.1 One of a kind! This is my unique loving dog Marvel. As in the comic marvel books. They say dogs look like their owners and that is true with this frizzy dog. He’s one of a kind to find, with no other looking quite like him. When I read The Famous Five books Timothy the dog reminds me of my dog Marvel.
Daniel T yr4
deaglan yr4
4.3  HONOURABLE MENTION BY MOST TEACHERS.  A Buddhist Cow! My family went to Hong Kong on holiday, while we were on holiday we rode on a cable car and we saw the Big Buddha. We also visited Po Lin Monastery where the cows roam free.
Teegan RM 13 YR 4
4.4 This is my cat. Her name is Millie. We call her Millie Coco. She just turned 3. My cousin has Millie’s mum and sister. They are named Tinker and Tiger. Millie loves being outside mainly, although she sleeps on the end of my bed at night.
Molly C Yr4 photo comp
4.5 This is a very old penguin from Penguin Island, who has survived more than double a normal penguins life. This photo was taken on Mothers Day in the Discovery Centre.
maddison rm 14 yr 4 (2)
4.6  WINNER.    One morning I took Prince outside to do his business and he was looking extra cheeky so I borrowed mum’s phone to take this picture. I played with the settings to find one I liked. I chose portrait because I like how the background blurred and kept Prince focused.



Cooper yr 5Animals Everywhere
5.1 Animals Everywhere. This is a photo of animals standing on my front lawn. My favourite animal in the photo is The Lion.
Isabella R yr5
5.2 This is my dog Evie. She loves to listen to music and hearing me read. The daisy and the puppy book inspired me since I wanted a dog badly, like Daisy in the story. There were good photos I took but this was the best one!
joshua rm 16 yr5
5.3 Chill’n Kangaroo. I was at the zoo taking photos for the competition. I saw a kangaroo in the Australian bush walk and I decided to take a photo. That ended up being my best photo.
Kate P (yr5)
5.4 Harry Potter.  This photo is of my dog who is a King Charles Cavalier cross Beagle. Maggie, who is 4 years old. It is about Maggie’s love for J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Kaylee - RM 16 Yr 5
5.5  SECOND PLACE.  Best Friends. Here is a picture of my friend’s dog, Mia and her rabbit Thumper. Thumper is in Mia’s bed in this picture. Mia is 8 and Thumper is 1. They play together. Mia chases the dog and then Thumper gets angry and Mia runs away. Thumper chews Mia’s tail and Mia eats Thumper’s carrots.
Lotus D yr5
5.6 Purrrfect Little Kitty. This is a photo of my cat Pete. He is 7 years old (49 in cat years!). He may be getting old, but he can still pose for the cutest photos. He loves to cuddle in my dad’s blanket, on the couch, just like a human!! I love him so much.
Owen Rm 16 yr5
5.7 JOEY. This is a photo of a Joey at the Denmark Animal Farm.
Vanden Yr5
5.8  WINNER.  Baby Birds. I took this photo in Beverley WA in spring , we think it might be a baby brown honey eater but we couldn’t get a good look at its mum.
scarlett R Yr 5 Rm15 (1)
5.9 HONOURABLE MENTION BY MRS BOOTH.   Riges, The Cheeky Book Worm. Catching up on the best seller series, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. Cheeky Smarty pants. Riges likes reading good quality books and movies based on books while eating a good can of cat food.
Ethan rm 15 yr 5
5.10 HONOURABLE MENTION BY MRS IONASCU.   This is a jellyfish we saw in the river one day. It is a non stinging jelly fish.




amy T yr 6
6.1 CURIOUS CHRISTMAS CAT. My curious cat, Bella. She enjoys getting into anything she can, or looks like she can, including skinny Lego boxes. In this photo, she has climbed into my Xmas stocking (luckily with no presents) and is looking very smug. Bella is so adorable, and I love her to bits.
Austin C yr 6
6.2 HONOURABLE MENTION BY ALL PHASMATODEA LOVERS.  This is a photo of 4 of our 10 spiny leaf stick insects. There is a black baby out of focus in the top left corner two middle size ones on the left and a fully grown one in the bottom right corner. They only eat eucalyptus Leaves.
Flynn yr6 Luigi photocomp
6.3 COMFORTABLE ANYWHERE. I took a picture of my cat (Luigi ) hiding casually on the door frame behind the curtain. I like this photo as it shows the saying “it’s a cats life” as he rest anywhere. I chose this photo because Luigi is my favourite animal and I think he’s adorable.
Karlyn S Room 16 yr6
6.4 This is a close-up of a very fat photogenic grasshopper trying to hide in found by Granna in her backyard. Lucky she caught it before it hopped off into the unknown!! We ended up keeping it in our backyard because birds were trying to eat it… so we made it a hut/house to live in. the grasshopper named JEFF is still there today with a girlfriend called Kerrie (named after my gran for finding it! ) with babies called Joe,Bob, Fiona and Karlyn.
Lauren Yr 6
6.5 HONOURABLE MENTION BY ADVENTURE LOVERS.   This photo is of when me and my family went to Cairns. This is when we went snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. I was really excited when I saw the turtle and took loads more photos, I couldn’t believe my luck! But soon after I saw a reef shark and I swam as fast as I could in the opposite direction. I am really glad I got to see the Great Barrier Reef before it disappears.
Payton Yr6
6.6 Oreo’s purr-fect paws. My cat Oreo mane-ly loves food, affection and paws-ing for photos!
Saya L Yr 6
6.7 SECOND PLACE.   OLAF READING. When your teacher tells you to read but you have no idea what your supposed to be reading…
Taya Rm 16 yr6
6.8 Weedy Seadragon photo, taken at Aqua. The Seadragon is camoflaged by the seaweed. They are sensitive to light and no flash photo could be taken. They are related to the seahorse. There are two seadragon’s in the photo, can you see them?
Zaylee 2nd entry
6.9 Brontey is cheeky, funny and full of energy. She will do anything of a piece of cheese… Brontey will even dance on her hind legs in a pink tutu. She will brighten your day by trying to play with you when you are sad!! I hope you vote for this Picture!:)
6.10  WINNER.     COCO. I was sitting in the front of the car waiting to go back to Perth. I put my dog, Coco, next to my feet and she started looking around and I thought it was really cute and also funny.
Chloe hyr 6
6.11 My cat finds comfort in the weirdest positions
ben yr 6Photo Comp Dolphin
6.12 HONOURABLE MENTION.    Puck the dolphin at Monkey Mia. This is Puck the dolphin at Monkey Mia. We went to Monkey Mia last year for a holiday and I got to feed this dolphin. I loved going to Monkey Mia.